• SmartClients (Linux based SmartFLeX Thin Clients)
  • Linux/Windows professional (Thin) SmartStations
  • Linux/Windows Thin & Data Center Grade Servers
  • SmartFLeX Open Virtual Desktop and Application Publishing, pre-installed on servers and complimented by SmartClients
  • Thin Client and OVD Consulting and Support Services
  • Hosted SMB Cloud based turn-key IT Services
  • HW Remote Support Services and Monitoring
  • Joomla WEB Development Services


10/01/2015 - SmartFLeX Technology releases the new NETiON SmartClient, a dedicated OVD SmartClient for easy access to Inuvika OVD Cloud Computing environments ... read more


9/01/2015 - SmartFLeX Technology releases Inuvika OVD 1.2.0



... introducing ...



Virtual IT Concepts is a cooperative platform, initiated by the Founder of  SmartFLeX Technology. The platform matches the resources, developments and expertise of SmartFLeX Technology with complimentary resources of its partners to create new and powerful IT solutions for today's Cloud Computing based business environments. SmartFLeX Technology is the oldest and most experienced privately held US based Thin Client development company, servicing North American markets since 1994. Its Linux based SmartClients, Thin Workstations and Servers are developed, assembled and supported in the USA. SmartFLeX Technology products are used by many retail chains, educational institutions, call centers and industrial manufacturing. SmartFLeX Technology develops the Linux based Thin Client stack that defines the SmartClient products and develops Linux Server solutions for its partners. SmartFLeX Technology products are distributed through our OEM partners (North America: Microapex Computer Systems). Current technology partner companies are: Microapex Computer Systems, STRATOnetix and Inuvika. Customers and Reseller can either order HW products from our OEM partner or directly from us (orders will be executed and invoiced by our OEM partners).

Within the Virtual IT Concept platform customers receive consulting, support and development expertise and services that draw from the knowledge, experience and specialization of all its partners.

Current Specials

Coming Soon: Specials for our new NETiON OVD Terminal


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