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SmartFlexTech announces NETiON SmartClient

Allentown, PA 03/10/2016: SmartFlexTech releases the new advanced NETiON SmartClient, a dedicated Thin Client for Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) and other Broswer based Cloud Sessions. NETiON supports all OVD connection methods with the following features:

1) Managed OVD sessions via Firefox browser:

  • Desktop Mode
  • Portal Mode
  • Secure HTML5 sessions

2) OVD sessions via native Enterprise Client with the following added features:

  • GUI for session configuration and session management (start, stop, create, edit, delete a session) via our browser based SmartClient desktop window
  • Support for all OVD client command line parameters within our OVD Session setup and configuration
  • Multi Concurrent Session capability - more than one session to the same OVD server or multiple servers for one or more users
  • Session(s) in floating Desktop Window(s) on the main SmartClient Desktop in up to 4 virtual work spaces
  • Session in maximized (multiple) or full screen (single) desktop mode coverlaying the SmartClient Desktop
  • Session(s) in virtual Desktops executing in individual X-Server instances switched to by using Ctrl Alt F8 - F12 or 'next available'
  • Auto Start of OVD Sessions during SmartClient boot process.
  • Local device, sound and printer support.
  • Remote Admin session and client management
  • Direct access Remote Management per individual client via Browser

3) Managed Browser based Cloud Sessions:

  • HTML5
  • Vendor supplied downloadable Cloud Client plugins / extensions

4) Hardware Options:

  • Intel NUC OEM Thin Client architecture (Intel NUC Kit DE3815TYKHE)
  • Intel NUC Celeron or I3 (Intel NUC Kit DCCP847DYE  or DC3217IYE)
  • Customized Mini-ITX SmartClient platforms
  • SmartClient on a USB 4GB stick
  • SmartClient on USB/IDE/SATA DOM Modules

The new advanced NETiON SmartClients are available now.

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