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SmartFLexTech sells licenses and services for Inuvika Enterprise OVD. Our SmartClient, SmartStations and SmartServers are optimized to support the OVD infrastructure. Our support teams are trained to support customer needs from the server end to the client end, keeping your business operations up and running. SmartFlexTech Support will be there for YOU, no matter if you are a small, mid or corporate size business.


:: OVD :: Virtualization MADE Easy



SmartFlexTech Enterprise Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) enables publishing Windows, Linux and Internet Applications directly and via Virtual Desktops. They can be delivered within a private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure. It maximizes performance and seamless delivery of your Applications and Desktops while giving you the choice of the source, be it a Linux or Windows Server or a hosted Web App from the Internet. OVD optimizes your IT infrastructure and platform licensing. SmartFleXTech OVD is powered by the Inuvika OVD framework.


:: OVD Client Devices


Any Device for SmartFlexTech OVD SmartFlexTech Thin Clients
Generic End User Devices SmartFlexTech Thin Clients
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Desktops and Applications can be delivered to Any Device, Anywhere where Internet is available or accessible. Choose your client from a HTML5 enabled Web Browser, a Native Client on Windows or Linux, a Thin Client or a SmartFLeX NETiON SmartClient, or a Mobile Device based on Android or iOS.


:: Virtual Desktops & Applications

Any Application – Applications from Windows-, Linux- or Web Application Servers are published for access by virtually any device. The Applications are installed, executed and delivered by their respective Windows*, Linux or Web App Servers, or published into the OVD environment by their respective WEB App Servers. Virtual Desktops are published either via the Windows Terminal Server or via the OVD Linux Desktop Environment.

SmartFlexTech OVD native Desktop Session

OVD Session via Native Client
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SmartFlexTech OVD Published Applications

OVD Publshed Applications via User Desktop Integration
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SmartFlexTech OVD Session via Browser

OVD Session via HTML 5 in Chrome Browser
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SmartFlexTech OVD Portal Session via Browser

OVD Portal Session via HTML 5 in Chrome Browser
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All Applications can be published by either environment and can be tailored to users or groups of users. Each user or user group can be configured to receive their individual set of Applications. Application licensing and use can be monitored by the OVD Administration WEB portal.
* Windows Applications must be WTS compatible.


:: Desktop & Application Delivery

Windows and Linux Desktops – fully featured Windows RDS or Linux Virtual Desktops.
Portal Mode – integrate into your company intranet with icons for launching applications in a browser.
Local Desktop integration – dynamic desktop integration with seamless presentation just as if they were installed and running locally.
Kiosk Mode – locked down remote desktop restricting users to published applications and denying local program execution.


:: Personalized & On Demand

From Single-Line-Of-Business Applications to Rich Applications, different users have different requirements. Enterprise OVD delivers personalized Desktops and Applications on-demand, integrated and seamlessly delivered to any OVD client device. For example, Virtual Desktops can be published either as a Linux Style Desktop or as a Windows Style Desktop with identical functions and in full screen mode or as a desktop window.


:: OVD Security

OVD Enterprise provides a secure platform with SSL encryption, smart card support, and user privilege management that controls access to corporate data. It provides server-based exeution where only encrypted screen, keyboard and mouse data traverse the network, ensuring that data remain safe.


:: OVD Port Handling

Server and Client side ports can be made available to the Applications, configurable by the OVD System Administrator. Local client side devices, like printers and storage media can be accessed and used.


:: OVD Deployments

SmartFlexTech OVD for Education   SmartFlexTech OVD for Government SmartFlexTech OVD for Healthcare Management SmartFlexTech OVD for Business


SmartFlexTech OVD is flexible enough to accommodate any business type: Small -, Mid- or Corporate size, no matter if you have 10 or 10,000 employees in one or many locations.


:: OVD Management & Administration

Central Management – fully featured web console for configuring and monitoring servers, users and applications in a unified Admin Panel.

Delegated Administration – administrators can be delegated various levels of administration rights.

ntegration – admin console can be integrated into other management frameworks.


SmartFlexTech OVD Administration via Browser

OVD Administration Panel


:: OVD Licensing

The OVD subscription program delivers affordable, annual or multi-year, concurrent users based plans with build-in volume discounts and available support level options. Discounted Educational and corporate large scale deployment licensing is available.


OVD Enterprise delivers a Virtualized Application/Desktop Solution
at about HALF THE COST, or less, of Citrix or VMware


:: OVD PoC Services & Licensing

Our registered OVD resellers and commercial customers can lease short or long term demo accounts on our Demo OVD Cloud to create test scenarios for their own OVD based cloud services. These demo accounts can then be used to create PoC (proof of concept) scenarios for specific customer projects. We help resellers and customers to create professional showcases at minimal cost with which they can test if a proposed cloud scenario suits their own business and their customers needs. On site PoCs can be arranged via our Quick Start Service Program.


Technical Specifications are subject to change!


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