SmartFLeX Technology - A Leader in Thin Client & Cloud Computing since 1993 - Product and Service Overview


SmartClient Products

SmartFLeX (Thin) SmartClients, SiLENT-PCs, and THiN PCs ... for

  • POS (Point of Sales Counters, Cash Registers, Store Back Office ...
  • Education (Schools, Universities, Vocational & Adult Training Centers ...
  • Office (Front Desk, General Administration ...
  • Kiosks (Malls, Court Houses, Libraries ...
  • Health care (Hospitals, Doctor Offices ...
  • Airlines (Information and Check-in Kiosks ...
  • Government (DOD, NASA, R&D, Census ...
  • Industry (Manufacturing, Administration, ...
  • and many other Thin Client and Cloud Computing Applications

We are a leading developer and provider of Linux based Thin Clients for Linux and Windows Terminal Services and Cloud Computing.

Need a special Thin Client appliance for your projects? Talk to us, we can provide you with HW and SW solutions that match your needs.
Need the matching server to build your Terminal and/or Cloud Server? We can provide you with high quality and completely pre-installed terminal server and cloud computing solutions.

All our Client and Server products are designed, developed  and supported by us in our USA based offices in Allentown, PA. They are assembled and tested in the USA,  delivered and invoiced by our partner Microapex Computer Systems.


  • OEM versions of our FLEXiON Thin Client Solutions.
  • Licensing of ready to use customized Thin Client Flash Modules to build and market YOUR own Thin Clients and special appliances.
  • OEM versions and reseller branded SmartFLeX Server solutions.
  • HW Remote Monitoring is available for all Servers and Workstations


SmartServer Products

  • SmartFLeX STRATO THiN-Servers:
    • Thin Client Form Factor THiN-Server
    • Professional Office and Home Office Servers
    • Retail Management Store Servers
    • Department Servers
    • Small Business Servers
    • Linux (preferred and featured, Windows (optional)
  • SmartFLeX STRATO Universal Servers:
    • Professional Data Center Class  Servers
    • Designed for Data, WEB, Mail and other corporate applications
    • Linux based and Windows friendly
    • Remote Management
  • SmartFLeX STRATO Cloud Servers:
    • Professional Data Center Class Servers
    • Application and Data Server
    • Linux or Windows based Cloud Application Servers
    • Optional, pre-installed OVD Cloud Infrastructure
  • SmartFLeX Cloud Computing Technology
    • Linux and Windows Application delivery via a common Cloud Computing Desktop or Portal
    • Available as Internal, External and Hybrid Cloud Solutions
    • Cloud Service Solutions are available as turn-key systems for internal and hybrid cloud services and as a turn-key hosted solution for small businesses
    • Based on OVD (Open Virtual Desktop)


  • NEW: Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) Cloud Computing consulting, training, support and customization services.
  • Thin Client Consulting, hosted IT, Internet Services and Cloud Services for small and mid-size businesses.
  • NEW: Software Development for mobile devices, WEB Applications and WEB Development.


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