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SmartClients are Linux based Thin Client Solutions, integrating and supporting a variety of relevant Remote Display Technologies. The entire Thin Client software stack is developed as a WEB application stack sitting on top of a small and fast Ubuntu 14.04 binary compatible Linux OS. SmartClients are the most cost effective way to connect to Linux, Unix, Cloud Computing environments - like Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) and Google apps, VNC, and Windows Terminal Servers - across your network and beyond. They incorporate a complete set of Internet Tools (Firefox, plugins, Java, and multimedia) to take advantage of WEB Applications and the Internet as a whole. SmartClients are expandable and can be extended with customer applications, front ends and special thin client modules and applications. All SmartClients incorporate a most complete CUPS printing system.The Desktop is easy to understand and use for any Windows experienced end user. The different product variants (FLEXiON and NETiON) differ only in their intended use, while relying on a consistent technology base (hardware and software).

Our SmartClients are developed, assembled and burn-in tested in the USA.

Key Benefits

  • Very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Small form factor

  • Energy saving design

  • Support for a variety of relevant common remote display technologies

  • Ideal Front End device for Cloud Computing

  • Available as a dedicated NETiON OVD Smartclient or as a universal TC FLEXiON SmartClient solution

  • Very good price to performance ratio

  • CUPS printing 

  • Can be used as a print server for other clients

  • Multiple session capability in Virtual Screens

  • Multiple session capability in Virtual Desktops

  • Silent running

  • Very fast

  • User friendly Windows like desktop interface and graphical setup

  • Optional WLAN

Key Applications

  • Remote Computing

  • Cloud Computing

  • Dedicated OVD SmartClient

  • Virtual Desktop Computing

  • Professional Office and Home Office

  • Linux, Unix, Citrix, Windows Terminal Server

  • Internet centric tasks

  • Information Kiosks

  • Retail Management

  • Health Care

  • Call Centers

  • Schools and other educational institutions

  • Any other Thin Client and Cloud Computing type application

Key Features

  • Available as FLEXiON and NETiON (former CXC functionality is fully integrated into the FLEXiON SmartClient)

  • Version 8.1.602 (Ubuntu 14.04 binary compatible)

  • Available as a portable USB SmartClient solutions

  • OVD compatible via browser or native client

  • xfreeRDP Client for all current Windows Terminal Server Versions

  • Terminal Emulator Suite

  • VNC client

  • XDMCP Client


Key Features (continued)

  • Integrated Firewall *

  • Integrated Browser *

  • Integrated Menu Customization Tool (Start Menu Config) to tie-in additional applications and client modules*

  • Integrated individual Remote Admin Support via Browser

  • Integrated Client Management System (CMS)

  • CMS Controller available as integrated module

  • Integrated Setup Manual

  • Integrated Package Management System

  • Fully Multimedia enabled

  • Fully WEB and Internet enabled *

  • Expandable feature set *

  • Updates deployable via ftp and USB

  • Allows multiple virtual screen sessions

  • Allows multiple virtual desktop sessions

  • Time Zone support

  • Sound Support

  • Mobile Personal USB Storage System for e-mails, downloads, ...*

  • Integrated CUPS printing system

  • Integrated Port redirection setup tools

  • Optional Wireless 802.11b/g/n support

  • Mouse control with wheel and touch pad support

  • Multi Language Keyboard support

  • Country Localization support

  • Local fully transparent flash boot

  • Embedded SmartFLeX (SmartClient) OS

 * Functions to be enabled/disabled by system setup

SmartClient Variants

  • FLEXiON: Includes all client modules or any mix of available clients.

  • NETiON:  Dedicated OVD SmartClient for Inuvika OVD Community and Inuvika OVD Enterprise

  • SmartClient on a Stick: The portable SmartClient solution

  • SmartClient IDE / USB / SATA DOM: The BYOHW SmartClient Solution

  • SmartClient OEM: SmartClient OEM Framwork, to allow OEMs to build their own SmartClient appliances. Call or e-mail us for details.

Hardware Options

  • Intel NUC OEM Thin Client architecture (Intel NUC Kit DE3815TYKHE)

  • Intel NUC Celeron or I3 ( Intel NUC Kit DCCP847DYE  or DC3217IYE)

  • Customized mini ITX SmartClient platforms

  • SmartClient on a USB 4GB stick

  • SmartClient on USB/IDE/SATA DOM Modules

Technical Specifications are subject to change!


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