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SmartStations are small footprint, energy efficient Desktop PCs, powered by multi core processors. Their internal drives consist of a 2.5" SATA hard drive and/or SSDs. Currently we offer a variety of Intel NUC and custom built Mini-ITX systems. The Ubuntu OS includes the SmartFLeX customized, optimized, and themed Ubuntu desktop and optionally integrated Thin Clients (OVD EDC client, freeRDP, ICA, NX, Thinlinc, VNC ... SmartClient Virtual Machine Image). Wireless connectivity is available as an option where it is not integrated by default. Remote Administration is included via a graphical remote login function. The small footprint, low energy consumption and therefore cool running and quiet operation make these SmartStations ideal for many (home) office, POS, remote computing, and home applications.

Key Benefits

  • Very energy efficient

  • Ubuntu OS

  • Ubuntu Desktop (Xfce, KDE ... optional)

  • Integrated Support for all common Thin Client remote display technologies

  • Very good price to performance ratio

  • Local CUPS printing

  • Can be used as a print server for other clients

  • Multiple session/workstation capability

  • Very quiet running

  • OS remote manageable

  • Optional WLAN

Key Applications

  • Professional Office and Home Office

  • Cloud Computing

  • Linux, Unix, OVD, Citrix, NoMachine, Thinlinc, Windows Terminal Server and Mainframe environments

  • Internet centric tasks

  • Thin Client centric applications

  • Information Kiosks

  • Retail Management

  • Call Centers

  • Schools and other educational institutions

  • Any other Office and Thin Client type application


Key Features

  • Ubuntu OS latest LTS or Windows

  • xfreeRDP Client

  • OVD compatibility via browser or native OVD EDC client

  • NoMachine NX client

  • Citrix Client

  • ThinLinc Client

  • VNC Client

  • Sound Support for Thin Clients

  • Webmin Remote Management System

  • Optional Wireless 802.11b/g support

  • Very quiet

  • External Power Supply

  • Low Power consumption

  • Very small Thin Client type form factor

  • Available as OVD Role Server

  • Also available as Thin Server

SmartStation Variants

  • EPSiON Silent PC


Available Options:

  • 2.5" SATA HDD upgrades

  • Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrades

  • Memory Upgrades

  • USB WLAN / Internal WLAN (device dependand)

  • SmartClient Virtual Machine Image for Thin Client computing (requires VMware Player or VirtualBox)

  • LCD Monitor (16" wide screen, 17", 19" ...)

  • Matching Keyboard and Mouse


Technical Specifications are subject to change!


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