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Last Update: 11/13/2017

This section lists known problems, work-arounds, specific download links and other product-related information. The information listed here is intended to help you solve specific problems and to notify you of product limitations, updates and more.
In its very essence, this section is designed and maintained to make your life easier.

For specific support questions, please contact our support team at +1 (610) 813-2236 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our hours for telephone support are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

As always, we prefer receiving non-emergency support questions via e-mail.


At the time you call or in your e-mail, you need to make the following information available:

  • Unit Serial Number

  • Unit Type

  • Unit Image or Firmware Revision (visible in setup screen)

  • Server OS

  • Version or Revision

  • Exact Problem description

  • If you contact us by e-mail, you need to include the above information together with your company name and address in the body of the message.

If any of this information is missing, we may not be able to provide support.


Warranty Terms:

  • Standard Warranty: 1 year from shipping date

  • Optional Extended Warranty terms are available for select products

  • Lifetime SW updates until product end of life is reached

  • Customer pays for shipping cost to manufacturer

  • SmartFlexTech or its authorized Reseller ships repaired product or replacement back to customer by economy service

  • RMA is required.

  • To obtain RMA number requires the unit serial number.

  • Unnecessary return shipments will be charged a $50.00 testing fee plus return shipment costs.


Open Virtual Desktop (OVD) Support Terms:

  • L1 and L2 support does not include Linux, Windows or OVD Installation Support beyond general advice. L1 and L2 support communication is limited to e-mail unless otherwise requested by our support engineer.

  • Installation support services are provided via optional consulting packages and include OVD related Linux and Windows installation support and the mandatory OVD installation support.

  • L3 support covers customization and in depth developer/engineering where regular installation, L1 and L2 support is exhausted and the help or guidance of the manufacturers engineering team is required. L3 support is offered in support ticket units.

  • Providing any support requires that our support engineers have direct secure access to the OVD installation either via ssh shell or via https. Depending on the issue at hand, our support engineer will need this direct access to the OVD role servers, OVD admin shell and OVD login to asses the issues at hand and either recommend or apply solutions to resolve the issue. This mandates that the OVD gateway is installed and functional and accessible via remote access during support sessions.

  • We reserve the right to deny support services, without service fee reimbursement, if direct secure access is not made available during support sessions.

List of all current Product Versions:

  • Current SmartClients (released 1/2012)

    •     CXC, NETiON, FLEXiON: Version 8.10.602

    •     CMS: Release 1.0 Build 1x

    •     EPSiON: Version 6.0.2

  • Older SmartClient Series (prior to 2010)

    •     CXC: Version 7.4.14 (no further development)

    •     NETiON: Version 4.2.3 (no longer available)

    •     FLEXiON: Version 3.4 (no longer available)

    •     EPSiON: Version 3.4 (no longer available)

  • SmartServer

    •     DATiX: Version 1.7.0 (no longer available)

    •     DATiX Series: Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS

    •     STRATO Series: Ubuntu/Windows Server with OVD 2.4.x

  • THiN PC

    • Ubuntu: Version 16.04 LTS

  • Cloud Solution

    • OVD: Version 2.4.x, Cloud Storage: Version 5.1.8


Known Problems: None reported at this time.



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